Everyone ought to step on board at least once in their life. To be part of a team that sets a colossus like this in motion with just the power of the wind. The same wind in your hair and a sea of opportunities waiting ahead. Above all, sail training is great fun and you don't need any prior experience.

A definition of sail training cannot be found in any dictionary or encyclopaedia. For us, sail training means getting the best out of yourself and using the ship and the voyage to do that. This can be different every time; Learning about sailing and all its nautical aspects, making international friends or increasing your self-confidence by climbing a huge mast. In any case, it is your journey and your challenge - and once you step on board, it is also your ship. There is plenty of opportunity to explore the things that interest you in more depth.

Every journey is bespoke. A school trip of 9 months around the world needs a different approach than a week-long summer trip. We are happy to tell you more about this on the page 'the programme'.

Studies at the University of Edinburgh and Sydney have shown that Sail Training has a positive impact on the lives of trainees. Social skills, self-confidence, leadership qualities and technical skills are all improved. We incorporate this research into our programme and keep pace with developments in this field. For instance, one of our former trainees earned a PhD in sail training. We are in the process of implementing her findings on the subject of 'social media detox'.